Application field of Urea

- May 17, 2017 -

medical field

The skin section improves the humidity of the skin with certain chemicals containing urea. Non-surgical removal of the nails used in closed dressings, containing 40% of urea.

Test of the Carbon -14-expiratory test of Helicobacter pylori, using urea containing carbon 14 or carbon 13 markers. Because the urea enzyme of Helicobacter pylori uses urea to produce ammonia to improve the ph value in the surrounding stomach. The same principle can also test similar bacteria that live in the stomach of animals.

Agricultural sector

Urea is a high concentration nitrogen fertilizer, is a neutral quick-impact fertilizer, can also be used to produce a variety of compound fertilizer. In the soil, no harmful substances residues, long-term application has no adverse effects. Livestock can be used as fodder for ruminant. However, the high temperature in granulation can produce a small amount of thiourea, also known as double-shrink urea, the crop inhibition. The content of urea shrinkage urea in fertilizer should be less than 0.5%. The content of the urea is more than 1%, can not do seed fertilizer, seedling fertilizer and foliar fertilizer, other application period of urea content also unfavorable too much or too concentrated.

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