Characteristics of melamine Resin adhesive

- May 17, 2017 -

Melamine glue is characterized by high chemical activity and good thermal stability. Resistance to boiling water, chemical resistance and good electrical insulation, heat resistance and water-resistance better than phenolic resin jiao and urea-trap resin glue, but after curing melamine gum layer brittle large, non-curing plastic storage period short, four with it rarely used alone, generally modified use. 

The modified method is used to add the appropriate amount of P-toluene sulfonate in the synthetic process of melamine resins. The obtained resins can be used for dipping, laminating and so on in the plastic surface layer, but also by adding acetic acid appropriately in the process of melamine resin, and the adhesive of the modified melamine formaldehyde is used with the former.

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