Development status of Urea

- May 17, 2017 -

Domestic urea market is a backwater, distributor is the first lack of procurement enthusiasm, then become a high-priced urea resistance. This kind of watching sentiment will be relieved after the fifteenth, but from the perspective of the urea trend is not clear, the market is difficult to see the dispel-like improvement. At this point more need some external strength to push the market start, the price reduction can bring a few vitality to the market. This is not necessarily the factory because of poor sales and price reduction; Dealers are not necessarily because of the high price and low prices. Perhaps both sides just to be able to let oneself in spring plowing market find a more ideal starting point bale. If the view of the optimistic spring ploughing analysis of the late market, the after the price of the price is likely to mark the domestic urea market is imminent.

Market Quotes

The data showed 85 major chemical prices, the price chain increases in the varieties accounted for 20% (the section before 12%), flat accounted for 57% (the section before 44%), fell accounted for 23% (the section before 44%), the average decline of chemical products 0.3%, the decrease is narrower than the section before the increase of products.

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