Melamine Resin Adhesive

- May 17, 2017 -

Melamine resin adhesive is made of melamine resin adhesive, generally do not need to add curing agent, and by heating or curing at room temperature.

Melamine formaldehyde resin by condensation of melamine and formaldehyde, with the reactant mole ratio of different products. In weakly alkaline or neutral media, melamine and formaldehyde massage er than 1: (2 ~ 3), the generation of two hydroxymethyl melamine and tri-hydroxy methyl melamine. 3-hydroxy methyl melamine dissolved in the initial shrinkage of water, after concentrated drying for white solids is difficult to dissolve in water, need to heat to 80 ℃ to dissolve. Its stability is poor, in high temperature or micro-alkaline medium can be prone to polymerization reaction, it is inappropriate to keep long. In the same condition, if formaldehyde mole number is 6~12, then the six hydroxymethyl melamine and other polycondensation material are generated. The resulting six-hydroxy methyl melamine resin (hmm) has a higher stability and can be maintained for several days in neutral aqueous solutions.

The generation of hydroxymethyl melamine, dehydration in acidic medium, generates two poly-hydroxy methyl melamine, and can oneself further each mole of dimer out of 1mol formaldehyde; hydroxy methyl melamine reacts dehydration to generate two poly body, the dimer continues to react to form the structure of the resin crosslinking of the body.

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