The trade pattern of urea

- May 17, 2017 -

From the global pattern of urea trade, China, Russia, the Middle East and Central Asia are the main exporting countries and regions, which accounted for about 70% per cent of global exports; North America, Latin America, South Asia and Western Europe are the main import destinations, about 60% per cent of total imports.

China's urea exports accounted for about 10% per cent of total domestic production, and exported to South Asia (60%), North America (15%) and Latin America (10%), which was the global producer and exporter of urea. China's annual exports to the United States accounted for a 10-15 percent of the total amount of urea, which accounted for the U.S. In 3 USD/millions of British hot unit gas prices, the U. S. urea manufacturer's gross margin rate of up to 50%%, which also aroused the willingness of manufacturers to expand production. The reduction in the US urea supply gap is most directly affected by China's share of U.S. urea exports.

Second, from the transport to the American Midwest cost of urea comparison, other regions of urea manufacturers are at a disadvantage; the expansion of native urea in the United States will turn urea that originally exported to the United States into other imported markets (such as South Asia, Latin America, Western Europe), and these export-oriented urea production costs are much lower than Chinese manufacturers, and will inevitably squeeze China's export share.

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