- May 17, 2017 -

Urea, also known as the amide (Carbamide), is composed of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen organic compounds, also known as urea, is a white crystal. One of the simplest organic compounds is the main nitrogen-containing end product of protein metabolism decomposition in mammals and certain fishes. It is also the highest nitrogen content in the present. As a neutral fertilizer, urea is suitable for various soils and plants. It is easy to save, easy to use, the damage to the soil is small, is the use of a large amount of chemical nitrogen fertilizer. Ammonia and carbon dioxide are used in industry to synthesize urea under certain conditions.

Salt can be generated with acid. There is hydrolysis. The condensation reaction can be carried out at high temperatures, and the shrinkage of urea, the contraction of three urea and cyanuric acid are generated. Heated to 160 ℃ decomposition, the production of ammonia at the same time into isocyanate. Because it contains this substance in human urine, so

Named urea. Urea containing nitrogen (n) 46% is the highest nitrogen content in solid nitrogen fertilizer.

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