Characteristics And Application Of Phenolic Resin Glue

- May 17, 2017 -

Phenolic resin polarity is larger, to metals and most nonmetal have good adhesion, high bonding strength. Because the phenolic resin has a large number of benzene rings, and can be cross-linked into the shape of structure, rigid, high heat resistance, resistance to creep, ablation, dimensional stability is good. Water resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical medium, mildew resistance, aging, and so on, electrical insulation performance. It is easy to modify and can be modified to other adhesives. Brittle large, low peel strength, not withstand shocks, shaking. It is necessary to cure high temperature and high pressure for longer time, the shrinkage rate is larger, and the glue layer is darker.

Non-modified phenolic resin glue

Phenolic resin glue includes non-modified phenolic resin glue and modified phenolic resin glue. The non-modified phenolic resin glue is mainly used for bonding wood, making water resistant plywood, aviation plywood, ship board, compartment plate, advanced particleboard and so on. can also produce magnesium carbon-resistant high temperature brick.

Modified Phenolic resin Adhesive

Modified phenolic resin glue can be a structural adhesive, bonding metal or nonmetal, manufacturing honeycomb structure, brake pads, grinding wheels, Emery sandpaper, composites, etc., in aviation, aerospace, machinery, military, automotive, shipbuilding, electrical and other industrial sectors have been widely used. It can also be used for modifying other adhesives, improving heat resistance, aging resistance, water resistance and bonding strength.

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