High Quality Wooden Glue Powder Products

- May 17, 2017 -

The wooden glue powder is made from urea-formaldehyde resin, enhancer and curing agent mixed with super glue. So what is the effect of wood glue? Usually it can be a variety of furniture installation, a variety of laminated sheet has a positive role, can have better gluing effect, so the application of the occasion is very wide.

Wood glue manufacturers to continuously improve their bonding strength, can be more prominent in the effect of gluing, so the ultimate advantage can be brought more prominent. Of course, different manufacturers provide the performance and price of wood powder will be very different, so it should be better to choose, otherwise difficult to meet the use of the adhesive strength requirements. Overall, the price of wood flour is inconsistent, and according to the use of the bonding strength requirements, we hope to enjoy the best safeguard. Especially for home assembly, wood bonding and wood veneer, we have a higher strength of its gluing requirements, so select high-quality manufacturers to provide better protection products.

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