- May 17, 2017 -

Molded is the abbreviation of compression molding, also known as pressing plastic. Plastics or rubber materials in the closed mold cavity with the help of heating, pressurized molding products for the plastic processing (also rubber processing) methods.

In general, the powder, granular, aggregates, flake, and even first made and products similar to the shape of the billet, placed in the heating mold cavity, and then closed die pressure, so that it is formed and cured or curing, then demoulding products (see chart), this method is particularly suitable for thermosetting plastics (see thermosetting resin) Molding processing. The disadvantage is that the production cycle is long, the efficiency is low, the product size accuracy is poor.

There are presses and molds. The role of presses is to exert pressure on plastics through the mould. In the rubber processing, the press is called the Flat vulcanizing machine. The main parameters of the press include nominal tonnage, platen size, working stroke and plunger diameter, which determine the size, height or thickness of the pressing machine can be molded, and the maximum pressing pressure can be achieved. Mould according to its structure characteristics, can be divided into overflow, overflow and semi-overflow three kinds, which use the most half-overflow.

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