Urea Resin Moulding Compound Powder For Appliance Switch

- Apr 26, 2018 -

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high quality urea moulding compound powder for electrical


urea formaldehyde resin molding compound is also called as urea molding compound. It is produced by adding curing agent, filling, colorant and lubricant into the urea formaldehyde resin.

Urea formaldehyde molding compound is widely used in producing the following products:

1. Imitation Ceramic tableware, such as plates, bowl, chopsticks and so on.

2. Entertainment product, such as mahjong, domino and so on.

3. Daily necessities, industrial electrical plug-ins and so on.


It has the following features: high strength, anti-scratch, anti-heat, no poison, good shining, bright color and no color changing issue with long term use.







Company Information


ShanDong GaoXing New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Jining national high tech Industrial Development Zone in Shandong province, which is also famous as the hometown of Confucius and Mencius. Mountain Tai which is the most famous of China’s 5 great mountains lie to the north of our company; in the south, there is weishan lake which ripple gently; the hometown of confucius is in the east of our company; in the west, it is Shuipoliangshan where heroes stay.


Our company cover 100, 000 square meters with 130 billion RMB capital assets. We have three branch companies: Amino molding compound branch company, Adhesive branch company and Jining gaosheng international trading company.


Our main products contains urea-formaldehyde-triamine composite granule which quantity is 10,000MTS per year, melamine formaldehyde moulding compound which quantity per year is 10,000MTS and urea formaldehyde moulding compound which quantity is 30,000MTS per year, and we also produce 40,000MTS adhesives of environmental protection type per year including E0, E1, E2, Urea formaldehyde adhesive, phenolic glue, melamine glue.


We have strong scientific research ability, advanced technology and equipment, perfect testing method, at the same times, we also hire many high skill professional stuffs to do technology research and product development. Now we have successfully developed the most high-end product(urea-formaldehyde-triamine composite granule). We have established a perfect quality management system, and also get ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environment system certificates. Our company is the member of the amino molding plastics association and is awarded as Jining contract and accredit honoring unit.


We see “ high quality, high efficiency, high credibility, revitalizing country, developing home and enterprise” as our operation philosophy, following spirit of “pursuit of improvement, practicality and innovation”, and supply the best products and high quality service to meet our customers’ requirements!


Gaoxing company hope to cooperate with domestic and foreign customers to create a beautiful future!




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A) Storage life: 6 months under temperature lower than 30° C

B) The goods should be stored in a dry, ventilated location. Avoid direct sunshine and moisture

C) The package should be sealed again immediately once the pack has been opened to avoid moisture

D) Avoid contact with eyes. Once splashed into eyes, flushed out with plenty of clean water.



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