Urea Formaldehyde Molding Compound Powder Factory

Urea Formaldehyde Molding Compound Powder Factory

Description of Urea Moulding Compound Powder For Toilet Seat 1.Physical property : Urea moulding compound powder,also known as urea formaldehyde compound powder,amino moldin powder,is one kind of thermosetting material, it's produced by adding curing agent,colorant,lubricant into urea...

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Description of Urea Moulding Compound Powder For Toilet Seat

1.Physical property : 

Urea moulding compound powder,also known as urea formaldehyde compound powder,amino moldin powder,is one kind of thermosetting material, it's produced by adding curing agent,colorant,lubricant into urea formaldehyde resin.

Color:white color,cream color,winner color,water color,green,ivory,violet,orange,green,etc. as per you request.

Features: high strength,anti-scratch,anti-PH,anti-heat,no poison,good shinning,no color changing with long term use, easy-molding,etc.

2.Usage :

Urea moulding compound is widely used to produce all imitation porcelain dishware such as plate,bowl and chopstick; 

Entertainment products such as mahjong, domino, chess and dice; 

Commodity products such as socket, switch, plug and electrical enclosure

3.Tech index :

NO.IndexUnitTypeTesting Method
1AppearanceAfter molding,the surface should be flat,shinny and smooth,no bubbles or crack,color and foreign material achieves standard
2Resistance to boiling waterNo mushy,permit little color fade and purseGB13454
3Volatile matter         %≤4.00GB13455
4Water absorb(cold) mg≤100GB1034
6Distortion temperature≥115GB1634
8Impact Strength(notch)KJ/m2≥1.8GB1043
9Bending StrengthMpa≥80GB9341
10Insulation Resistance after 24h in water≥104GB1410
11Dielectric strengthMV/m≥9.0GB1408
12Baking ResistanceGrade1GB2407
Molding condition:(Reference only)
Curing time0.24~0.3 min/mm


Kept in airy, dry and cool room.

Storage periodsix months from the manufacturing date.

Test should be undertaken when expires. Qualified products can still be used. 

5.Packing :

25kg in kraft paper bag or plastic knitting bag with inner wet proof plastic bag  ,20mt in each 20' FCL.

In order to have further cooperation with your esteemed company ,we can provide free samples for your test .

3. Production Line of Urea Moulding Compound Powder For Toilet Seat

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